Porter Robinson – Hear the Bells ft. Imaginary Cities

“You won’t hear it on the radio.” Repeated over and over in this song and that is really Porter Robinson’s album in a nutshell (besides Lionhearted). But really, this album is artistic.. it’s out there, but definitely worth listening to. The sounds are powerful. He has most of the songs uploaded on his Vevo.. so have a listen to some of the others that I haven’t already posted here. Awesome stuff..

August 14, 2014

Porter Robinson – Years Of War ft. Breanne Duren & Sean Caskey

In honor of Porter Robinson’s album, Worlds, coming out on Tuesday, I thought I’d post some of the new stuff. This certainly isn’t mainstream, radio-ready EDM. Porter’s take is very unique.. for a little more on that check out this review from Spin. I like the feel of this song.. emotional vibes from the vocal and big feels elsewhere. Enjoy..

August 13, 2014